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April 2012

March 21, 2012
Is J&K Part of Indian Union?

When the Common Wealth Games (CWG) scandal was unearthed, Suresh Kalmadi, the Congress MP and former Union Minister from Pune was made accountable because of his being Chairman of the CWG to be held at Delhi. He remained in Jail for a couple of years before bail was granted to him by the competent Court.
When the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chawan was named in the Aadarsh Housing scandal, he was also removed from the post and legal action initiated against him.
When the name of two Congress MLA’s in Rajasthan surfaced in Bhanwri Devi murder case, they were booked in the case and CBI investigation is undergoing against them.
When the infamous 2 G scandal rocked the nation, the central government didn’t hesitate to take action against A. Raja who happens to be the nominee of Karuna Nidhi’s DMK in the Union Cabinet. He is still behind bars and is facing enquiries and investigations even now.
Sukh Ram’s scandal worth mere 4 lakh rupees is still fresh in public mind. He was not only removed from the Union Cabinet, but from Congress also. Today he has been sentenced to imprisonment though is out on bail duly granted by the competent court on health grounds.
Even recently the former Maharashtra Minister and incumbent Chief of Mumbai Congress Committee, Kirpa Shanker Singh was not only removed from his position, he was also charged for creating assets beyond his known sources of income. The matter is being investigated by the CBI and the man is under police custody.
Recently, Jagir Kour a Minister in Badal Government has been sacked from the ministry and put behind bars in a criminal case against her.
In Jammu and Kashmir also, dozens and dozens of scandals have been unearthed against Ministers, bureaucrats and politicians but the perpetrators have been let off. The Education Minister was accused of helping his foster son in the matriculation by changing his answer sheets. Though he resigned in view of mounting public anger, the Congress high command at Delhi decided not to accept his resignation not to think of initiating an enquiry to find out the truth.
There is no word from the Congress high command about the allegations of corruption, nepotism and scandals leveled by none else than a senior Congress leader Abdul Ghani Vakil against his party colleague and incumbent Minister Taj Mohidin giving away the impression that nothing serious is happening there.
Another case that has been rocking the state like a volcano pertains to Chief Minister himself who has been accused of killing his senior party colleague and ‘family member’, Yusuf Shah for fear of being exposed in the alleged sale of Assembly and Council seats and also for collecting money from officers by managing their transfers on creamy posts. The case is being investigated by the State Crime Branch contesting the case instead of Omar and Farooq Abdullah who have been named in the case.
The latest scam that has been hitting the far and wide of the State pertains to Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association where one hundred crocres of rupees have reportedly been siphoned off by the Association authorities. Interestingly, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, happens to be the President of the Association and his political Advisor as NC chief Aslam Goni the Chairman who instead of being taken to task like Mr. Kalmadi was rewarded by appointing him as technical manager for T-20 match held in South Africa. His princely life style and assets are big proof against him because these are miles beyond the income of an average lawyer of the State High Court. No doubt unless proved guilty in the court of law, the Chief Minister, the NC Chief and other Ministers in Omar Abdullah Ministry facing charges may not be actually involved, but why should the Union Government show reluctance in investigating the allegations through CBI particularly when this prime investigating agency has full jurisdiction over the State like the Supreme Court of India, Election Commission of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India?
When a section of society in Jammu and Kashmir has been wanting secession of the State from India, when war for independence has already swallowed one generation of Kashmir and when situation in the neighboring country is becoming explosive with every passing day, is it good for the health of the Indian Union to exhibit an impression that J&K is not part of India at least while dealing with cases of corruption, nepotism and scams of sorts? If India really means that Jammu and Kashmir should remain an integral part of the country, its governments must treat the State at par with other states of the country not only in terms of sanctioning funds, but in terms of dealing with cases of corruption and scams conducted by the local rulers. Till today, however, it is hardly easy to believe that J&K indeed is a part of Indian Union at least if seen in backdrop of dealing with the cases of corruption, embezzlement and criminal acts of the ruling class of the State.
True, Congress party is compelled to yield to the pressure tactics of its allies in view of the number game at the Centre, but it must understand that Jammu and Kashmir is not West Bengal. The border state has its different historical, geographical and political conditions and any impression that may lead to the belief that Indian relations with Jammu and Kashmir are different from other states can prove disastrous for both the state as well as the country.

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