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April 2012

Vaishno Devi Guide

Prices may be changed as these are old rates
The large number of Pilgrims thronging Jammu, the city of temples to reach the Holy cave of Mata Vaishno Davi Ji in Trikuta hills near Katra may face problems of varied nature during yatra. To come out of such difficulties, we are providing a small but useful Yatri Guide for them.

Nearest Railway Station: Jammu
Nearest Airport: Jammu

Distance of Katra from Jammu: 45 Kms.


For immediate assistance, the Yatris should contact the information centres of both Tourism Department and SMVD Shrine Board at Railway Station Jammu.
The buses and special Taxis are readily available for Katra from here.


State Road Transport Super Deluxe Mini Coach Semi Deluxe B Class
Railway Station to Katra
Katra to Railway Station
Rs. 48/-
Rs. 25/-
Rs. 53/-
Rs. 30.50
Rs. 37/-
Rs. 35/-
Rs. 29/-
Rs. 24.50/-

Private Bus Service Deluxe Coach (2 by 2) per passenger
Railway Station to Katra
Katra to Railway Station
Rs. 46.70/-
Rs. 46.70/-

Local Bus Service is also available
Railway Station to Katra
Katra to Railway Station
(But due to tough competition these charge Rs. 20/-
Rs. 27/-
Rs. 24.30/-

Fares of taxis from Railway station and Airport Jammu to Katra
Taxi Stand Telephone: (0191- 2476485)

From Airport
1. Ambassador (5 Passengers)
2. Maruti Van (5 Passengers)
3. Tata Sumo (7 Passengers)
4. Tata Indica (4 Passengers)
5. Esteem (4 Passengers)
6. Qualis (7 Passengers)
Rs. 710/- (One Way)
Rs. 810/- (One Way)
Not Available
Rs. 910/- (One Way)
Rs. 910/- (One Way)
Rs. 1100/- (One Way)

From Railway station
1. Ambassador (5 Passengers)
2. Maruti Van (5 Passengers)
3. Tata Sumo (7 Passengers)
4. Tata Indica (4 Passengers)
5. Esteem (4 Passengers)
6. Qualis (7 Passengers)
Rs. 710/- (One Way)
Rs. 740/- (One Way)
Rs. 860/- (One Way)
Rs. 810/- (One Way)
Rs. 810/- (One Way)
Rs. 1010/- (One Way)

There is also available the Deccan Aviation’s Helicopter service from Katra to Bhawan

1) Tourist Reception Centre, Vir Marg, Jammu (J&K Tourism) (0191-2579559) 2) Vaishno Dham Railway Station (SMVD) (0191- 24) 3) Sarswati Dham Railway Station (SMVD) ►In additions to this, there are number of hotels, lodges and Dharamshalas in Jammu for all economy class yatries.

i) Government Hospitals
Medical College and Hospital, Emergency
Hospital Gandhi Nagar

ii) Telephone Enquiry 197

iii) Fire Service: 101
iv) Police Exchange & Contol Room: 100, 2542001, 2544581, 2544852

v) Railways:
General Enquiry: 131, 132, 2431085, 2453029
Reservation: 2431582
Station Manager: 2431505

v) Airlines:
Jet Airways: 2453888
Sahara Airways: 2454568
Spice Jet: 2431887
Indian Airlines: 2430449
Air Deccan: 2458101

vii) J&K Touism:
Tourist Office, Aiport: 2431917
Tourist Office, Rly. Station: 2430078

1. Tourist Banglow, Near Shalamar Garden.
2. Tourist Retiring Centre, Bus Stand.
3.Niharika Yatri Niwas.
Also there are number of hotels, guest houses, lodges and dharamsalas for all economy class yatries.

For Accommodation at Bhawan provides by SMVD Shrine Board
Contact: 01991-232025, 232238, 232367

Impotant phone numbers at Katra, (STD code of Katra is 01991)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shrine Board: 232075 (Fax: 232089)
Tourist Reception Center, Katra: 232005
Yatra Counter: 232092
Niharika Yatri Niwas: 232125
Ban Ganga 232031
Ad Kuwari 233329
Bhawan: SMD: 282223
Bhawan: Senior Manager: 282223
Block Medical Officer, Katra: 232127
Dak Bunglow Officer, Katra: 232009
ASP, Katra: 232235 (Resi. cum Office)
S.H.O. Katra: 232010

From Katra to Bhawan the distance with altitude is in ft. above sea level.

S. No. From To Distance(in Kms) Altitude (in Ft.)
1. Katra Darshani Darwaza 1 2700
2. Darshani Darwaza Baan Ganga 1 2800
3. Baan Ganga Charan Paduka 1.5 3380
4. Charn Paduka Ad Kuwari 4.5 4280
5. Ad Kuwari Hathi Matha 2.5 6500
6. Hathi Matha Sanji Chatt 2 7200
7. Sanji Chatt Bhairo Mandir 1.5 6583
8. Sanji Chatt Bhavan 2.5 5200

A good stretch of this length is prone to land slides and shooting stones.


The yatries while proceeding towards the Mata Shrine are advised to get them registered and obtain a yatri-slip from the Registration counter,at Niharika, near Bus-Stand, Katra without which they will not be allowed to go beyond Baan Ganga.At Baan Ganga, there is almost around the clock Langar (Where food is served free of cost) run by the Producers of T-series Cassettes.
Palki, Pithu and Ponies can be hired from Katra to Bhawan. For this, you have to contact their main offices, just opposite to Naib Tehsildar office Katra. Thse can be booked at Darshani Darwaza also.

Rates of Palki

depending upon the weight of yatri.
1.From Katra to Bhawan and Back to Katra

Up to 75 kgs. Rs. 1520/-
Up to 100 kgs. Rs. 2140/-
Above 100 kgs Rs. 2360/-

2. From Katra to Bhawan and Back to Katra via Bhairo

Up to 75 kgs. Rs. 1750/-
Up to 100 kgs. Rs. 2420/-
Above 100 kgs Rs. 2630/-

Rates of Pithoo

1. From Katra to Bhawan and Back to Katra
20kg luggage or child from 3 to 9 years: Rs 250/-

2. Katra to Bhawan
20 kg luggage or child from 3 to 9 years: Rs. 125/-

3. Bhawan to Katra Via Bhairo
20 kg luggage or child from 3 to 9 years: Rs. 150/-

Rates of Poney Journey Details Weight of Yatri Rate per Yatri
Katra to Bhawan Upto 75 kgs Rs. 190/-
-do- upto 100kgs Rs. 205/-
-do- upto 75 kgs + 3
to 9 years child
Rs. 225/-
-do- above 100 kgs Rs. 225/-
Ad Kuwari to Katra
Ad Kuwari to Bhawan
Upto 75 kgs Rs. 100/-
-Do- Upto 100 kgs Rs. 110/-
-Do- Upto 75 kgs + 3 to 9
years child
Rs. 115
-Do- Upto 100 kg Rs. 120/-
From Bhawan to Katra
Via Bhairo Mandir
Upto 75 kgs Rs. 215/-
-Do- Upto 100 kgs Rs. 230/-
-Do- Upto 75 kgs + 3 to 9
years child
Rs. 270/-
-Do- Above 100 kgs Rs 270/-
From Bhawan to Adh-
Kumari Via Bhairo Mandir
Upto 75 kgs Rs. 120/-
-Do- Upto 100 kgs Rs. 125/-
-Do- Upto 75 kgs + 3 to 9
years child
Rs. 150/-
-Do- Above 100 kgs Rs. 150/-
From Katra to Sanjichatt Upto 75 kgs Rs. 160/-
-Do- Upto 100kgs Rs. 175/-
-Do- Upto 75 kgs + 3 to 9
years child
Rs. 195/-
-Do- Above 100 kgs Rs. 195/-
From Sanjichatt to
Bhawan Or Bhawan to
upto 75 kgs Rs. 70/-
-Do- Upto 100kgs Rs. 75/-
-Do- Upto 75 kgs + 3 to 9
years child
Rs. 85/-
-Do- Above 100 kgs Rs. 95/-


1. While paying at the counter, the yatri should get the receipt of the said amount and the name and Registration No. of the Palki-wala. Pithu or Pony-wala.
2. Entry gate no. 3 at Bhawan for Darshan is exclusively meant for army and other security personel.
3. While enroute to Mata's Shrine suppose a Yatri wants to hire a Pony, Pitho or Palki mid-way, they are liable to demand the same rate as mentioned above irrespective of the distance to be covered.

From Baan Ganga upto Hathi Matha, the distance can be walked using eithe a smooth but lengthy track or a short-cut of steep steps. The yatris are advised not to use the steps while returning to avoid unnecessary fatigue. A new track has been made from Adh-Kumari to Bhawan.

Thoughout the route from Baan Ganga to Mata's Shrine, The Shrine Board has provided Facilities such as drinking water, shelterd resting places and toilets @ minimum charges of 25 paisa. One also can relish good food, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juices etc. on different stalls enroute Bhawan.

Apart from rented accommodation, there are number of free Dharamshalas at Sanjichat and Bhawan. One can also use the blankets free of cost at these places. Clock-rooms are also available at Adh-Kumari and Bhawan, Medical facilities are provided free of cost.

Rates mentioned above are subjected to change.


Raghunath Temple: It is located in the heart of the city and the main market is named after the temple complex. The complex consists of 17 templex complexes. However it is named after the main temple of Lord Rama, Sita Mata and Lakshman. There is hardly any image of deity which is not represented in temple complex.

Ranbirashwar Temple: It is the biggest Shiva temple in north India. This Temple has the biggest Lingam of 7ft. in black stone. There are 1.25 lakh small Lingams in two halls. There are huge images of Ganesha, Kartikya and a Bull in the verandah. On every Shivratri, a big mela is held at this temple.

Purmandal: It is about 40 kms from Jammu city. Purmandal is called as little Kashi. It is Located at the back of holey river Devika which is considered as holy and scared as Gangas. A large number of people visit the shrine on Shivratari and Chaitra Choudeshi.

Chichi Mata: It is near Samba twon and is being developed as a historic temple. It is also known as Pehla Darshan of Mata Vaishnoo Devi.

Shiv Khori: It is wonderful natural cave in the hillock in Reasi tehsil which contains a self made image of Lord Shiva. Exploration of its full length may bring starting facts like those present in the Luray caverns in Washington. On every Shivratri, a big fair is held here.

Bawey Wali Mata: Just 4 km from Bikram Chowk, there is an ancent temple of Kali Mata. The temple is inside the Fort called Bahu Fort on the name of its king, Raja Bahu Lochan, son of Jambu Lochan the founder of Jammu city. Pilgrims throng this temple everyday, but the rush on Tuesdays and Sundays is remarkable.

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